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Facing Reality: A Culture of Death, And What To Do About It.

I’m an eternal optimist. The topic of the Culture of Death is a major downer topic, but sometimes it is necessary to face tough issues so that they can be overcome or solved.

Many, if not all of our current cultural problems, such as, racism, moral relativism, the cancel culture, are an outgrowth of what St. Pope John Paul, the Great, so aptly called, the Culture of Death.

I wanted to share with you a recent teaching I heard on this topic, the Culture of Death. The show was recorded many years ago, yet remains very eerily relevant in recent days.

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All About The Grace- Construction Zone & Spiritual Life

Ahhhhh….. Summer. Time to chill by the pool. Read a good book under a shade tree. Watch the clouds drift in the blue sky. Stay up late to catch fireflies with the kids. Take in a drive-in movie (yes they still exist), or simply gaze at the stars in the night sky.

And with the relaxing sigh of Ahhhhhh.. comes that shrill sound of AHHHHH!!!! Because along with the beloved lazy days of summer comes that dreaded word……. construction. Summer and construction go hand in hand. Depending on where you live, some areas have more of it than others, but we all can relate to the feeling of re-routings, delays, and detours that go awry.

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What’s Up With Prayer

MATTHEW 6:7-15

Friends, today’s Gospel asks us to do three things: pray, fast, and give alms. Let’s focus today on prayer. Studies show that prayer is a very common, very popular activity. Even those who profess no belief in God pray!

What is prayer, and how should we pray? Prayer is intimate communion and conversation with God. Judging from Jesus’ own life, prayer is something that we ought to do often, especially at key moments of our lives.

Well, how should we pray? What does it look like? You have to pray with faith, and according to Jesus’ model, you have to pray with forgiveness. The efficacy of prayer seems to depend on the reconciliation of differences.

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Nine Days for Life Prayer

Would you like to make a significant difference? Would you join me in prayer for nine days for life?

Thank you in advance for your participation and your prayers.

CLICK HERE for the details.

9 Days for Life is an annual period of prayer and action focused on cherishing the gift of every person’s life. 

Surrounding the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children*, the overarching intention of the centerpiece novena is the end to abortion.

However, the novena also highlights many other facets of respecting each other’s God-given dignity, especially by respecting human life at every stage and in every circumstance.

9 Days for Life is an opportunity to:

  • PRAY for the respect and protection of each person’s life;
  • GATHER together in prayer, action, and fellowship with others;
  • SHARE your stories online!

*Typically observed each year on January 22 (also the anniversary of Roe v. Wade), the 2017 observance will be January 23. More information.

Source: USCCB

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Catholic Apologetics: Fool proof strategy when you get a question about your Catholic faith


“Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.” 1 Peter 3:15

Okay, you’ve been Catholic your whole life, but there are many things about the faith you simply do not understand, nor can explain when asked. Join the club!!

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Marian Prayer Garden offers prayer space and beauty

Father Richard Doerr prays during the blessing and dedication of the new Marian Prayer Garden. (Photo by Brigid Curtis Ayer)

Father Richard Doerr prays during the blessing and dedication of the new Marian Prayer Garden. (Photo by Brigid Curtis Ayer)

By Brigid Curtis Ayer (For The Catholic Moment)

CARMEL — Resting beneath a giant oak tree is a new place of prayer and meditation: the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Marian Prayer Garden.

More than 100 parishioners, young and old, gathered for prayer and song at the site July 18 to witness its official blessing and dedication by pastor Father Richard Doerr in honor of former longtime pastor Msgr. John Duncan.

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