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Rachel’s Vineyard Healing Retreat – Faith In Action co-hosts, Brigid Ayer and Gordon Smith talk with Bernadette Roy of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ Project Rachel – Post Abortion Healing Ministry. They discuss the upcoming Rachel’s Vineyard retreat, designed to help post abortive women heal from the emotional and spiritual wounds caused by the abortion. The retreat talks place in Indianapolis July 29-31 and details can be found at Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat- Indianapolis Weekend or by emailing projectrachael@archindy.org, or calls can be directed to either Bernadette Roy 317-452-0054 or Maria Hernandez (for Spanish Speakers) 317-946-3813. All calls are confidential.

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Love Perfected

Spend some quiet time in prayer before a crucifix today — at church, at home, or even outside. Meditate on Jesus’ words, “I thirst”. Jesus was experiencing the excruciating discomfort of a man dying a violent death — and the deep spiritual yearning for a connection with each of us. Your presence, your time with Christ crucified, is a response to his thirst.

Jesus, as I venerate your cross today, I imagine your arms outstretched, a sign of your great love for me ad for all people You have given yourself completely, perfectly. It is finished. Give me the grace to love you and others with this perfect love.

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Teaching Children to Know and Love the Eucharist

TEACHING CHILDREN TO KNOW AND LOVE THE EUCHARIST: In this two-part show of Faith In Action co-hosts, Jim Ganley and Brigid Ayer talk with their guests about the two children’s books that teach children to know and love the Eucharist. 

Part 1) Our guest is author and illustrator Paula Trzepacz, MD. We talk about her new book, “My Catholic Mass Book-The Holy Mass for Young Children”. The book is a companion book for attending Mass featuring re-usable stickers and is available in Spanish. To get a copy of the book, the Website is www.catholictothemax.com

Part 2) Faith in Action, co-hosts Jim Ganely and Brigid Ayer are joined by author Claudia Cangilla McAdam who talks about her new children’s book published by Ascension Press, The Real Presence. To find the book at Ascension Press CLICK HERE Or to connect with Claudia her Website is  www.ClaudiaMcAdam.com The video Book Trailer can be found here.

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Drawing Close to the Holy Spirit

Drawing Close to the Holy Spirit – On this segment of Faith in Action, co-hosts Jim Ganley and Brigid Ayer is Sister Mary Ann Fatula, O.P. author of “Drawing Close to the Hoy Spirit”. She shares the important role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and how we can connect or reactivate the third person of the Trinity in our everyday lives. For details about the book click here

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Joy or sadness? Which do you want more of in your life? Honestly, you have a great deal of influence over the result of the answer to that question. If you’re interested in this, read on.

I’ve been a fan of Presentation Ministries for many years. A friend of mine introduced me to their Bible telephone line in 1993. The lay ministry was founded by Father Al Lauer who died of cancer in 2005. Fr. Al was a typical priest, but at some point before I met him, he had a conversion that changed him dramatically. After his encounter of the Holy Spirit, he REALLY started living out his calling to the priesthood. The ministry branched out into radio, printed material, video, and digital media. One of my favorite spiritual “go-to’s” has been the One Bread, One Body booklet published by Presentation Ministries, and written mostly by Father Al, that offers a reflection on the daily readings. Today’s reflection really stuck out to me, and the full teaching (which I cut and pasted) is posted below.

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Anxious For Nothing

“Anxious for Nothing” Book Club based on Max Lucado book:  On this segment of Faith in Action, Catholic Radio Indy co-hosts Jim Ganley and Brigid Ayer are joined by Jayne Slaton, Outreach & Pastoral Care Director for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish to talk about “Anxious for Nothing” a book club based on a book by Max Lucado which is aimed at helping participants cast their anxiety on Jesus.  She shares some tips that are helping the participants reduce their anxiety.  For more information the website is www.olmc1.org

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