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Teaching Children to Know and Love the Eucharist

TEACHING CHILDREN TO KNOW AND LOVE THE EUCHARIST: In this two-part show of Faith In Action co-hosts, Jim Ganley and Brigid Ayer talk with their guests about the two children’s books that teach children to know and love the Eucharist. 

Part 1) Our guest is author and illustrator Paula Trzepacz, MD. We talk about her new book, “My Catholic Mass Book-The Holy Mass for Young Children”. The book is a companion book for attending Mass featuring re-usable stickers and is available in Spanish. To get a copy of the book, the Website is www.catholictothemax.com

Part 2) Faith in Action, co-hosts Jim Ganely and Brigid Ayer are joined by author Claudia Cangilla McAdam who talks about her new children’s book published by Ascension Press, The Real Presence. To find the book at Ascension Press CLICK HERE Or to connect with Claudia her Website is  www.ClaudiaMcAdam.com The video Book Trailer can be found here.

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“God can make a Message out of a Mess”

This summer I had the opportunity to meet Kelly Schaefer and hear her heart-wrenching, yet incredibly inspirational story. It really got me thinking about how I would handle her situation if it had been mine. One the one hand, it makes me think that with “God All Things are Possible”, because Kelly really makes that Scripture quote real, in that she really has overcome so much with perseverance, and ultimately God’s grace–made all things possible.

To say  I was blown away by Kelly, might be an understatement. I came away from Kelly’s presentation with four reactions. First, I have to honestly say, it help me put my own “trials” in perspective. Another thought I had was wow, even with my strong faith in God, I’m not sure how I would handle becoming a quadriplegic over night. Third, it made me appreciate even more the gifts I have been given. And, finally, it challenged me think about how well I am using my gifts for God’s glory.

If you are ready to read an inspirational story, I invite you to read on. And I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and reactions to Kelly’s story.



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