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Answering Tough Moral Questions From A Catholic Perspective

“ANSWERING TOUGH MORAL QUESTIONS FROM A CATHOLIC PERSPECTIVE” with Trent Horn.  – Trent Horn, Staff Apologist at Catholic Answers, talks with Kent Blandford and Brigid Ayer about how to go about answering touch moral questions. Trent will be at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Friday July 26 @ 7pm in the Church, all are welcome. And at the Frassati Fun Fest same parish from July 26-28. Catholic Answers webpage is www.catholic.com. You can also catch Trent on his podcast at www.trenthornpodcast.com



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Freedom of Speech Dilemma Abated

By Brigid Curtis Ayer

Freedom of Speech Dilemma Abated

CARMEL, IN–The Freedom of Speech dilemma at Carmel High School has been abated at least for now.

The Carmel Teens for Life group plans to move ahead with its pro-life message now that its sign removal controversy has ended says Dina Ferchmin-Rowe who serves as club mom and pro-life educator.

Carmel Teens for Life, a pro-life club at Carmel High School which has been in existence for over a decade, drew national media attention when their pre-approved sign promoting adoption over abortion was mysteriously removed in December following a complaint by another student who described the sign as “offensive.”

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Criminal charges filed against priest praying outside an abortion center


Praying Priest Jailed
An Anglican priest jailed last month occurred because he was praying outside an abortion center in California.

Pro-life Ministry
Legalized abortion creates an opportunity for those in the pro life ministry to pray or minister to those hurt by abortion.  Some members of various prolife ministries engage in sidewalk counseling or simply praying outside abortion centers. Over time, those who serve in the front lines of these ministries have seen efforts to chip away at religious freedom. While the constitution protects a woman’s right to abort her child, the constitution also provides rights to peaceably assemble and pray in public.

Lifenews.com recently reported on an incidence involving the arrest, jailing, and fining of an Anglican Priest in California for praying outside an abortion center and talking to those entering the center.

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Pope Francis offers healing to post abortive Catholics


Pope Francis

A friend of mine asked me a question about what Pope Francis was doing with regard to allowing Priests to forgive the sin of abortion, and restore them to full communion with the Church. Can’t priests do this already? This was my friend’s question after listening to several secular media reports. Here’s an explanation.

Pope Francis has paved the way to offer hope and restore those who have been hurt and broken by the sin and effects of abortion.

Pope Francis announced that those who have been excommunicated due to the sin of abortion can be reinstated to good standing by priests worldwide, indefinitely.

There has been some confusion generated by the secular news reporting on Pope Francis’ Nov. 20, announcement as to what Pope Francis actually is doing. In his effort to extend God’s mercy, to reach out to those hurting under the pain of abortion, he decided to extend, indefinitely, the ability of priests worldwide to reinstate penitent sinners to ecclesial good standing from the sin of abortion which causes automatic excommunication.  Say What????

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