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Pope Francis offers healing to post abortive Catholics


Pope Francis

A friend of mine asked me a question about what Pope Francis was doing with regard to allowing Priests to forgive the sin of abortion, and restore them to full communion with the Church. Can’t priests do this already? This was my friend’s question after listening to several secular media reports. Here’s an explanation.

Pope Francis has paved the way to offer hope and restore those who have been hurt and broken by the sin and effects of abortion.

Pope Francis announced that those who have been excommunicated due to the sin of abortion can be reinstated to good standing by priests worldwide, indefinitely.

There has been some confusion generated by the secular news reporting on Pope Francis’ Nov. 20, announcement as to what Pope Francis actually is doing. In his effort to extend God’s mercy, to reach out to those hurting under the pain of abortion, he decided to extend, indefinitely, the ability of priests worldwide to reinstate penitent sinners to ecclesial good standing from the sin of abortion which causes automatic excommunication.  Say What????

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