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College Life, Mental Health & Spirituality


“College Life, Mental Health & Spirituality” – Grant Freeman—Asst. Campus Minister at St. Thomas Aquinas West Lafayette-Purdue University Campus talks with Jim and Brigid about College Life, Mental Health & Spirituality and offers some tips to head off anxiety in stressful situation at college, work or in life in general.

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Speaking Truth in Today’s Culture

LUKE 4:24-30

By: Bishop Robert Barron, Lenten Reflections

Friends, today’s Gospel develops a theme that is uncomfortable. It tells how the people of Nazareth rejected Jesus. Authentically religious people, authentically spiritual people, will almost always be opposed. The logic behind this is simple and unanswerable: we live in a world gone wrong, a world turned upside down; therefore, when someone comes speaking the truth to us, we will think that they are crazy and dangerous.

Think for just a moment what would happen to you if you consistently and publicly spoke the word of God to our culture. If you spoke out against abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, human trafficking, rampant materialism, and ideological secularism, what would happen to you? If you presented, in a full-throated way, the full range of Catholic social and moral and spiritual teaching, what would they do to you? Trust me, they would throw you in a version of Jeremiah’s cistern.


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Icons: Windows to Heaven

Icons Draw us into the Divine Presence

(Video: Catholic News Service)

By: Brigid Curtis Ayer

Icons are frequently called “Windows into Heaven” for through them, one gets a glimpse of the spiritual world. For Ed and Alice Clifford, parishioners of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, icons give them a focal point in which to pray. Mr. Clifford said he began his journey towards using icons in prayer during various visits to the Calaldolese Benedictine Hermitage in Lucia, California in1996 where he went for a retreat.

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Finding Joy during the Advent Season and Beyond


During Lent, I light my Advent candles and enjoy some quiet time with the Lord. Over the years, my bookshelf of spiritual reading grows. One selection which I enjoy very much and only use during the Advent Season is a book called simply “Little Blue Book.”  I have the paper version book, but it’s also available online. CLICK HERE. Today’s reflection struck a chord. I share with you an excerpt.

“Let us keep that joy of loving Jesus in our hearts, and share that joy with all we come in touch with. That radiating joy is real, for we have no reason not to be happy because we have Christ with us. Christ in our hearts, Christ in the poor we meet, Christ in the smile we give and the smile we receive.”

—–Mother Teresa’s remarks when she accepted the Nobel Peace Prize Dec. 10, 1970.

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Religious Liberty in jeopardy with further attacks


Attacks on individuals, and Christian organizations continue to call into questions religious liberty in the United States. A controller of a company issues an investigation on prominent Christian group.

To read about the most recent attack on a Christian organization CLICK HERE . It seems those who demand tolerance, want it only on their terms. This is not tolerance, freedom of religion or free speech, but rather an attempt to censor and silence any opposition to a particular ideology.

What do you think about this?

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Stewardship–A Story about a King and Three Servants.
The king gave three servants a talent. The first servant earned 10x what the king had given him. The second steward had earned 5x what the king had given him. And the third servant, buried the talent and gave the one talent back to the king. The king got very mad at the third steward and told him what little had been given to him would be taken away. What in the world? What does all this mean for us?

What’s a good steward?
The message God wants us to take away from this parable is to be a good steward. What does that mean? We are to be good managers with what God have given us. Our resources are not only monetary, but our time, abilities and everything. If we have a car that seats 5 people, we had better be filling up those seats. If you have a house for 10 people, you should have 10 people in there. Got a big yard? You had better be using that yard a lot. That seems kind of strict. Doesn’t it? You can see that God is very strict with this.

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Good Friday to be removed from town’s calendar


All About the Grace Editor

Is Christianity under attack under the guise of inclusivity? This is a question worth reflecting as an ongoing trend continues to emerge across the United States to remove civic markers which identify our culture’s Christian heritage. One Indiana town intends to remove “Good Friday” and “Columbus Day” from its calendar as a way of being ‘inclusive.’


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