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Facing Reality: A Culture of Death, And What To Do About It.

I’m an eternal optimist. The topic of the Culture of Death is a major downer topic, but sometimes it is necessary to face tough issues so that they can be overcome or solved.

Many, if not all of our current cultural problems, such as, racism, moral relativism, the cancel culture, are an outgrowth of what St. Pope John Paul, the Great, so aptly called, the Culture of Death.

I wanted to share with you a recent teaching I heard on this topic, the Culture of Death. The show was recorded many years ago, yet remains very eerily relevant in recent days.

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Military Chaplains

MILITARY CHAPLAINS – Father Joshua Janko, a Military Chaplain, at the US Air Force Academy and a Priest of the Diocese of Lafayette In Indiana talks with Faith In Action co-hosts, Jim Ganley and Brigid Ayer about being a Military Chaplain, his priesthood, and his assignments both in Japan and in Colorado. For information about the Archdiocese of Military Services the webpage is www.milarch.org/ To connect with Father Joshua Janko, his webpage is www.fatherjoshua.com/ 


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Icons: Windows to Heaven

Icons Draw us into the Divine Presence

(Video: Catholic News Service)

By: Brigid Curtis Ayer

Icons are frequently called “Windows into Heaven” for through them, one gets a glimpse of the spiritual world. For Ed and Alice Clifford, parishioners of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, icons give them a focal point in which to pray. Mr. Clifford said he began his journey towards using icons in prayer during various visits to the Calaldolese Benedictine Hermitage in Lucia, California in1996 where he went for a retreat.

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Become Bold for Christ as “doubting Thomas” did








How bold of a Christian are you?

Thomas the Apostle, was also known famously known as the “doubting Thomas” because he would not believe the Lord had risen until he saw him with his own eyes. He later became very bold for Christ.

Are you a modern day “doubting Thomas”?

Following Jesus’ crucifixion, the apostles were hiding out in the upper room. Thomas, who was considered one of the smarter apostles, was not with them when Jesus appeared. He told the apostles, he would not believe that Jesus had risen unless he was able to see with his own eyes and to put his hand into the nail marks or the side of Jesus. Thomas was suffering from the sin of pride due to his intelligence, yet he was smart enough to repent, and the first to have courage to recognize and proclaim Jesus as, “My Lord and God.” How many of us live by this saying, “My Lord and my God”?

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