Facing Reality: A Culture of Death, And What To Do About It.

I’m an eternal optimist. The topic of the Culture of Death is a major downer topic, but sometimes it is necessary to face tough issues so that they can be overcome or solved.

Many, if not all of our current cultural problems, such as, racism, moral relativism, the cancel culture, are an outgrowth of what St. Pope John Paul, the Great, so aptly called, the Culture of Death.

I wanted to share with you a recent teaching I heard on this topic, the Culture of Death. The show was recorded many years ago, yet remains very eerily relevant in recent days.

Facing the reality of the Culture of Death is the only way we can conquer its effects and build a Culture of Life. St. Pope John Paul the Great talks about this in his encyclical Gospel of Life. It is worth reading the whole letter. This encyclical was written decades ago, but its prophetic nature is evident upon closer reading.

If you want a short teaching on this topic that is very sobering, you can click the play button below (scroll to the bottom of this post) to hear a very insightful talk by Father Al Lauer of Presentation Ministries.

The evils of our day can be overwhelming. One might think, what can I do? I am just one person. Here are a few tips that each of us can strive to do to build a Culture of Life.

As I’ve worked towards doing these tips and as I’ve observed others do them, it seems they bear amazing fruit in their ministries, spiritual lives, and I’ve also seen how it positively affects all those around them.

Here they are…..

  1. Go to Mass every day!
  2. Pray the Rosary every day!
  3. Pray with your family.
  4. Fast & Pray for conversion and renewal.
  5. Adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament regularly by going to Eucharistic Adoration. If your parish doesn’t have a perpetual adoration chapel, find one nearby, or find a holy hour
  6. Love others as Jesus has loved us and sacrificed His life for us.

If we do these things and stay close to our Lord, He will give us the strength to love others and to share his love through the power of the Holy Spirit. In emulating Christ and engaging our culture, we will build a Culture of Life and love.

Love Wins!

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