No One is Beyond God’s Mercy

The Divine Physician

Jesus says, “Those who are well have no need for a physician, but those who are sick.” The whole context of what was taking place leading up to this one-liner by Jesus is below and worth reading to get the full context of the scene. Jesus talked to, hung out, and ate with the worst sinners of his day — tax collectors, prostitutes, and others who were deemed unclean by the Jewish standards. This was a no – no. Think of today’s worst sinners. Are they shunned? Do you feel shunned by others who deem your sins too great? Well Jesus died for all of us, but mostly he has a heart for the worst sinners. No one is beyond God’s love, forgiveness and mercy if the person only reaches out to Jesus for love, understanding, forgiveness and healing. The key here is healing. Jesus is our divine physician. Read below from Matthew’s Gospel (9:1-13) the passages that highlights this reality.

Father Mark Goring really puts this so well. Check out this video. (Below the video are the Scripture versus worth reading.)

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Love Perfected

Spend some quiet time in prayer before a crucifix today — at church, at home, or even outside. Meditate on Jesus’ words, “I thirst”. Jesus was experiencing the excruciating discomfort of a man dying a violent death — and the deep spiritual yearning for a connection with each of us. Your presence, your time with Christ crucified, is a response to his thirst.

Jesus, as I venerate your cross today, I imagine your arms outstretched, a sign of your great love for me ad for all people You have given yourself completely, perfectly. It is finished. Give me the grace to love you and others with this perfect love.

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How To Create A Parish Evangelization Team

HOW TO CREATE A PARISH EVANGELIZATION TEAM – On this segment of Faith in Action, host Brigid Ayer goes on location to St. Elizabeth Seton to talk with her guests, Greg Fleckenstein, Evangelization Director, and Jen Weldon, Evangelization Team member about how to form a parish evangelization team.  Click below to listen and for more information, the website is 

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Teaching Children to Know and Love the Eucharist

TEACHING CHILDREN TO KNOW AND LOVE THE EUCHARIST: In this two-part show of Faith In Action co-hosts, Jim Ganley and Brigid Ayer talk with their guests about the two children’s books that teach children to know and love the Eucharist. 

Part 1) Our guest is author and illustrator Paula Trzepacz, MD. We talk about her new book, “My Catholic Mass Book-The Holy Mass for Young Children”. The book is a companion book for attending Mass featuring re-usable stickers and is available in Spanish. To get a copy of the book, the Website is

Part 2) Faith in Action, co-hosts Jim Ganely and Brigid Ayer are joined by author Claudia Cangilla McAdam who talks about her new children’s book published by Ascension Press, The Real Presence. To find the book at Ascension Press CLICK HERE Or to connect with Claudia her Website is The video Book Trailer can be found here.

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Valentines for You

Looking for Catholic Valentines to share with your friends, family, or significant other? Below are FREE downloadable valentines for you! You can download and print, or share via text, email or on social media. Compliments of All About The Grace.

Enjoy!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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“For if a man meets his enemy, does he send him away unharmed?” —1 Samuel 24:20

This is a very difficult ask. “Do good to those who hate you”. Just wow! I recently experienced some hate directed toward me on social media. (It’s the risk of being a public figure or one who wants to evangelize in a digital world.) There are always going to be negative people, who say mean things – haters. This is very prevalent in the world we live aka “the Twitterverse”. We are all broken. And out of this brokenness, people lash out (including ourselves at times.) How do we respond? This is the challenge!

Again, the Holy Spirit is always working even when we are not aware of it. Sometimes I become very aware of it, like yesterday. Almost directly after experiencing this mean keyboard lashing from someone behind their screen, I open my daily reflection book and read the following reflection which was just like God was speaking to me. I wanted to share it with you, because we all will encounter haters who are hurting. What we do with that encounter is our choice, our challenge. The reflection beginning in the next paragraph gives us a guide on how Jesus responded, and how we can emulate him. (The reflection below is from Presentation Ministries One Bread, One Body.) And if you are looking for more advice on how to handle digital trolls, CLICK HERE, or to get a full “how-to” evangelize in a digital age, CLICK HERE for my new book “Breaking New Ground: Discipleship Using New Media.” I go into great detail in Chapter 8 on “Tips for Digital Discipleship” including how to deal with negative experiences online.

Jesus and David were both in a position to overcome their bitter enemies, but spared them. David was a seasoned warrior, a man of blood-stained hands (1 Chr 22:8), who had often killed. When he found Saul in a defenseless position (1 Sm 24:4ff), David could have easily killed him. However, David spared Saul, though he knew Saul would continue to seek his life.

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