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I’m a big fan of St. Francis of Assisi. In the Jubilee Year 2000, I had the opportunity to lead a pilgrimage with Fr. Kevin Haines and 16 youth and 18 adults to various locations around Italy. Wow! What a blast it was. Spiritual highs, great food, wonderful companions with whom to journey. We were able to visit Assisi, Italy and walk the up the mountain that St. Francis would walk up daily to pray. It took us all day in the blazing heat to hike up that mountain.

The prayer to St. Francis, Make me a Channel of Your Peace is so relevant in the times in which we find ourselves living. So let’s extend that peace and sow love in a practical doable way. Here’s how.

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Care for the earth

“CARING FOR OUR COMMON HOME” – John Mundell, member of the Indianapolis Archdiocesan Creation Care Commission, talks with Jim and Brigid about a new ministry aimed at addressing care for the earth to sustain life. For details about the ministry and an upcoming tree planting event on Fri. Oct 4 the webpage is www.ourcommonhome.org/

To listen to the interview CLICK HERE. This interview is a two-part program. First up is the Catholic Men’s Conference, Second half is the Care for Our Common Home interview.

For the Our Common Home document. CLICK HERE



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Start Out Small, Build Something Great






Start small. That’s the message.

Bishop Robert Barron’s reflections frequently make me laugh. And I couldn’t resist re-posting another one of his great reflections. (See below italics.)

When we think of the mustard seed, and what it eventually becomes–a huge tree– it gives us an insight into God’s way of thinking.

We are so impatient as Americans. It’s no wonder we are impatient because we live in fast food, fast cash, quick text message, instagram culture. Everything is almost instantaneous, and in real time, FAST. But God doesn’t exactly work that way. And Bishop Barron has a really great insight as to why God has us start out small.

I hope you take the time to read this short reflection below by Bishop Barron.

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