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Bounce Back

Learning how to bounce back in today’s world offers Christians a strategy for success when trials arrive.

As part of my prayer time, I listen to Father Al Lauer’s “Daily Bread” radio broadcast.  I also read the “One Bread, One Body” booklet reflection on the daily Eucharistic readings for the Mass. Father Al, founder of Presentation Ministries, a lay apostolate under the Archbishop in Cincinnati, and a personal friend, died in 2002 of cancer. While I miss him very much, he wrote and taught prolifically. He produced hundreds of pamphlets, videos and audios.  His materials offer rich and challenging insights. Teaching in union with the Magesterium of the Church, Father Al unpacks the complex in simple language.

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An Invitation to Freedom


Here’s a great audio from Father Al Lauer, founder of Presentation Ministries, Cincinnati, OH.

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