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Stress Management in a Covid World

Stress Management in a COVID World – In this segment of Faith in Action, guests O’Connell Case, Clinical Director, Catholic Charities Bloomington, LCSW and Craig Fall, Senior Associate Director, Secretariat for Catholic Charities, LCSW, LMFT talk with co-hosts Brigid Ayer and Kent Blandford to discuss how to cope in with stress in a COVID world. For more information, the website is www.helcreatehope.org and additional resources are available at www.ccbin.org

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Preparing for Advent in the Domestic Church

Preparing for the Season of Advent – In this segment of Faith In Action, on Catholic Radio Indy guest Peter Doane, former Director of Evangelization at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, joins co-hosts Brigid Ayer and Jim Ganley to discuss what you should be doing to prepare for Advent especially as it relates to covid and the domestic church.

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Submission: A Counter Cultural Act of Love

I hate clutter! Really, I despise disorder of any kind. I like my house, office desk, car, family life to be without chaos. Now I know that’s not completely reality, but when things are in order in any of the above mentioned categories, life is so much better. There’s less stress, less pain, less searching, less yelling, more peace and joy! Right? It’s really true. This brings me to the topic of order and submission. The two topics may seem to be unrelated, but they actually are completely connected.

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