Miraculous Moments–Out of Gas

Miraculous Moments–Out of Gas

Story submitted by Monica Jones, San Francisco, CA

Last summer, I made a road trip to a friend’s house that lived about 30 miles away. I had good directions, but soon realized I was lost. What was even worse was I was just about out of gas. Yikes!!! I was totally lost, no where near civilization or a gas station. I couldn’t even get a signal on my cell

phone. Just then my car died. I was out of gas. Desperate, I began to cry and then pray. I tried to start my car again. It didn’t start, but my car started to move!!! What?  What’s going on? Suddenly, I somehow knew that there were four giant angels with ribbons attached to it pulling my car. I couldn’t see them, but I could see them in my heart. They towed me for 20 minutes. The engine was off, but I could make it go and stop by pressing on the gas or brakes. Even though I didn’t know the way, I just turned right or left when I felt it was right. When I got to my friend’s house, I was really late and told her my car was out of gas. When she asked me how I got here. I just smiled and said, “A few angels towed me here.” She laughed and said, “Come inside you silly girl.” She didn’t believe me until it was time to leave and my car wouldn’t start. My friend’s dad said, “Jenny, did you realize your gas tank is empty?”

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