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No One is Beyond God’s Mercy

The Divine Physician

Jesus says, “Those who are well have no need for a physician, but those who are sick.” The whole context of what was taking place leading up to this one-liner by Jesus is below and worth reading to get the full context of the scene. Jesus talked to, hung out, and ate with the worst sinners of his day — tax collectors, prostitutes, and others who were deemed unclean by the Jewish standards. This was a no – no. Think of today’s worst sinners. Are they shunned? Do you feel shunned by others who deem your sins too great? Well Jesus died for all of us, but mostly he has a heart for the worst sinners. No one is beyond God’s love, forgiveness and mercy if the person only reaches out to Jesus for love, understanding, forgiveness and healing. The key here is healing. Jesus is our divine physician. Read below from Matthew’s Gospel (9:1-13) the passages that highlights this reality.

Father Mark Goring really puts this so well. Check out this video. (Below the video are the Scripture versus worth reading.)

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