“I have no one with me but Luke.” —2 Timothy 4:11

St. Luke compiled his Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles not to describe how good things were in the early Church but to address how bad things were becoming after the first generation of Christianity. The Christian community got bogged down with internal problems and was no longer motivated to evangelize. The Church was lukewarm (Rv 3:16). Luke composed his Gospel and Acts of the Apostles to change this.

When things go wrong and discouragement begins to set in, it’s hard to be the only one motivated and immune to the prevailing apathy. However, Luke moved when no one felt like moving, tried when not many were trying, hoped when the stench of despair polluted the spiritual atmosphere. We likewise live in a lukewarm, apathetic environment. We need Luke to show us we can break free from the inertia of sin and the paralysis of selfishness.

The harvest is rich, but the workers continue to be few (Lk 10:2). We need Luke to give us hope, give us a jump-start, and proclaim: “The reign of God is at hand” (Lk 10:9).

Prayer:  Father, may I stop complaining and start believing, loving, and working.

Promise:  “Be on your way and remember: I am sending you as lambs in the midst of wolves.” —Lk 10:3

Praise:  “Luke, our dear physician, sends you greetings” (Col 4:14). As St. Paul foreshadowed, the Catholic Church honors St. Luke as the patron of physicians. St. Luke, pray for our healing!

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Source: Presentation Ministries One Bread, One Body booklet.

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