Submission: A Counter Cultural Act of Love

I hate clutter! Really, I despise disorder of any kind. I like my house, office desk, car, family life to be without chaos. Now I know that’s not completely reality, but when things are in order in any of the above mentioned categories, life is so much better. There’s less stress, less pain, less searching, less yelling, more peace and joy! Right? It’s really true. This brings me to the topic of order and submission. The two topics may seem to be unrelated, but they actually are completely connected.

When I was a young theology student, my first class was “Word of God”, and my instructor, who was an older priest, was either a brilliant person, or a complete wacko! We spent one of our first classes looking at a word on the chalkboard “NOWHERE”. His question, “What is this word?” Various students answered the question. Some said, “No Where.” Others said, “Now Here”. I could write a book about that instructor. I still haven’t decided if he was a brilliant theologian, or as I said, a whacko. But I learned more from that priest, and continue to learn from him ( 20 years later) more than I have from any other single experience than I can point to.

When we talked about the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and creation. We spent a whole class talking about how God created “Order out of Chaos” in the beginning. Everything was perfect on the Earth and in the Garden. Then when sin entered the world, by Adam and Eve’s sin, their choice to eat from the forbidden tree of knowledge, chaos entered back into the world. Then Jesus, through his death and resurrection, allowed us to be restored to order by the forgiveness of our sins, and the gift of salvation. Sin creates disorder, and personal dis-integration. God’s way creates order.

Without order in a classroom, on the roads, in a family, a culture, office place, all sorts of bad things happen. There is a divine order, called natural law, that provides the order that is needed for wholeness, unity of person, family and society.

I give you this preface to the podcast on the topic of submission by Father Al Lauer of presentation ministries. Submission is really a basic building block to God’s design for joyful living. Submission to God and submission to his plan. God’s right order for all people and living things. His message is very counter cultural, but an important one for us to hear. Listen to the whole thing, because the message is much deeper than what you might think after listening to the first few minutes.

God Bless You!


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