Need Rest? Try a 3-minute retreat here

A 3-minute retreat? Never heard of it. Neither had I, but I love it and frequent it often.

If you are like me, it seems very hard to find time to just be. If we are to hear God, and take care of our one of a kind masterpiece that God created (us), we need to time to rest and drink in a good cup of coffee and all the Lord has to say.

My prayer time has changed over the years. At times it was very regimented, almost WAY too much. Other times, I have to admit it’s been a bit willy nilly. Other times it’s frankly been lame, or even seemingly non-existent.

So for busy people who still want to connect with God, to rest in the Lord, or just steal away for a few minutes to regroup, I found this really awesome tool that Catholic Radio Indy has on its homepage called, the 3-minute retreat. What’s really cool about it is, the retreat is different and unique EVERY DAY. The retreat is created by Loyola Press, and offers beautiful images & music accompanied by various thoughts or scriptures. Pretty cool.

I admit I don’t use it every day, but if I need a quick pick me up, or I know my day is going to be hectic, or I just need a spiritual “time-out” I go to Catholic Radio Indy homepage at and find the 3-minute retreat button, and away I go. You can go at your own speed, and I frequently take a bit more time at it than 3-minutes, but it is designed for literally a 3-minute (or even less) retreat.

It’s there every day waiting for you just like God is ready for you to come hang out with Him.

I’d love for you to give it a try.

My prayer for you is that God will bless you richly as you spend time with Him.

CLICK HERE For your 3-minute retreat. Enjoy!


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