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Pax Public Relations

Want to raise your organization’s visibility? Would you like to include new media tools, including social media platforms and videos into your public relations portfolio?  You have come to the right place! 

Identify your communications needs from the below menu of services.

Media & Communications Services

  • Consulting—advise clients on ways to raise group’s visibility for communication.
  • Develop overall strategic communications plan. (3-5 year umbrella plan)
  • Develop strategic PR plan, and execute it. (annual plan including media opts, print placements, media buys, free media opts.
  • Develop/ enhance communications budget to maximize dollars
  • Develop/enhance Social Media Marketing, Blogging, New Media tools
  • Event Planning & Fundraising
  • Event promotion plan
  • Photography, Videography
  • Video production, video editing
  • Develop media kit (print, digital or both)
  • Write press release
  • Content writing, pitching articles to local media
  • Grow community exposure through networking, relationship building
  • Identify target market, and how to best reach them
  • Launch Blog, develop editorial calendar specific to Blog
  • Launch Vlog, develop editorial calendar specific to Vlog
  • Train staff how to use social media, Blog, Vlog
  • Buy Media
  • Trouble shoot media problems
  • Crisis communications
  • Serve as a resource, offer referrals as needed

For Public Relations go to Brigid’s PR company called Pax Public Relations at

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