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Time Management-God’s Way

Who has the time? I used to ask this question all the time!!

About a year ago, I found myself completely stressed out and doing WAY too many things, yet, at the same time I felt I was NOT doing enough. I wondered how this was possible. While this had been going on for years prior, I finally decided something had to change.

While I’m an eternal optimist with a can do spirit, (which got me into the mess in the first place) I now realize I was simply taking on too many things simultaneously. Looking back, I realize that running a business, supporting a family with a traveling husband, and working as a freelance writer for two active clients along with caring for three school age children and two active Labrador retrievers, well, it was too much! I concluded I was saying ‘yes’ to too many of the wrong things, and then being stuck saying “no” to things that I really wanted to have time for. Things that God was really calling me to.

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