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“Festival of Carols” Indianapolis Symphonic Choir

“Festival of Carols” Indianapolis Symphonic Choir Liam Bonner, Executive Director, and Dr. Erik Stark, Artistic Director, talk with Faith In Action co-hosts, Jim Ganley and Brigid Ayer about the choir and their upcoming concert “Festival of Carols.” The concerts are Dec. 7-8, and 20-21. For details, the webpage is www.indychoir.org


Troubadour for The Lord






Catholic Music Legend, John Michael Talbot talks with Faith In Action, co-hosts, Brigid Ayer and Jim Ganley about his music ministry aimed at authentic Catholic renewal. John Michael Talbot will be in the Indianapolis metro area to perform a benefit concert for St. John’s Tipton church building fund on Sun. Sept. 22, at 2pm at Tipton High School. For details go to www.stjohnstipton.com  Click below to hear our exclusive interview with the Troubadour for the Lord, John Michael Talbot.

Artificial Intelligence: A Catholic Perspective

Artificial Intelligence: A Catholic Perspective

Brigid Ayer & Jim Ganley, Co-Hosts, of Faith In Action talk with Timothy O’Donnell, Co-Host of The Catholic Cave, about the topic Artificial Intelligence from a Catholic Perspective. For more information, find the book on Amazon called The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.


Need Rest? Try a 3-minute retreat here

A 3-minute retreat? Never heard of it. Neither had I, but I love it and frequent it often.

If you are like me, it seems very hard to find time to just be. If we are to hear God, and take care of our one of a kind masterpiece that God created (us), we need to time to rest and drink in a good cup of coffee and all the Lord has to say.

My prayer time has changed over the years. At times it was very regimented, almost WAY too much. Other times, I have to admit it’s been a bit willy nilly. Other times it’s frankly been lame, or even seemingly non-existent.

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