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This is Part 3- on Tips to Starting a Catholic YouTube Channel. Enjoy!

Brigid offers some tips and a resource for helping you to pass your faith on to your kids.

The Gift- With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.



Brigid Ayer talks with Jason Evert, Founder of the Chastity Project about Sex, Chastity, Parenting for Purity, and the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal.

Brigid talks with Acts Apologist Steven O’Keefe (part one of a two part interview) on Catholic apologetics, Apostolic Succession and Clergy Abuse Scandals.

Brigid talks with Acts Apologist Steven O’Keefe about the three reasons which served as anchor points to keeping him Catholic.

Brigid Ayer talks with Julie Savitsky, Founder and Exec. Dir. of Reins of Grace Therapeutic Riding Center. Savitsky shares her gifts and talent to help others in this ministry.

Brigid Ayer talks with husband Tom about the #sackclothandashes movement to fast and pray in response to the clergy sex abuse scandal. And offers her top 10 ways to fast.

Brigid Ayer talks with Leighton Drake, of Director of Faith Formation for Children at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel about his own conversion story.

Brigid Ayer talks with Timothy O’Donnell, Professor of Ethics, and Co-Host of The Catholic Cave, on Catholic Radio Indy.

Father Mike Schmitz talks with Brigid Ayer at the SEEK2019 Conference about God’s vision, how he got into doing YouTube for Ascension Presents, and how to view distractions. Enjoy!

Brigid Ayer talks with Brother Rigo and Brother Brandon, Capuchin Franciscan Brothers at the SEEK2019 Conference about their order, how they heard the call from God. Really fun, joyful brothers. You’re going to enjoy this chat.

Brigid Ayer talks with Leighton Drake, Illustrator, Drawn To Life Ministries, and Director of Faith Formation for Youth. He talks about his ministry and offers tips parents can do to pass on the Faith.

A quick reminder the God Loves you.

Media & Discipleship- A short segment on a new product to help you grow in your Catholic faith, the Great Adventure Bible! I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Cavins on Catholic Radio Indy, and wanted to plug this really awesome new Bible.

Media & Discipleship- Brigid offer 5 Gift Ideas for your Catholic Mother for Mother’s Day, or this could be for the Catholic women in your life. Enjoy!

Brigid asks a viewer question on the topic of vaping. Brian from Oregon asks, “What does God think about vaping?” Brigid takes a stab at answering this question.

Brigid answers another viewer question about making decisions with God’s help. Here are 6 points to consider and a bonus resource.

Here’s a quick (60 seconds) daily examination of conscience to use every evening or prior to receiving the sacrament of reconciliation.

Brigid talks about Catholic Military Chaplains as a way to honor them on Memorial Day.

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Brigid & Tom offer 8 Gift Ideas for your Catholic Dad.

Brigid talks about how to start a Catholic YouTube channel. This is part 2 of the series.